Terms and Conditions

The User confirms that the information provided at registration are accurate and the User is not a minor and of legal age to use a public taxi service.

The User has no objection or any reservation in case of receiving any communication message, newsletter, promotions, special offers, updates or any information related to MyTaxi Saudia services via SMS, Email, call, Notification, Social Media or by any other mean of communication.

The User Understands that MyTaxi Saudia is not a Taxi/Rental Car Service Company; it only serves as an intermediary in assisting Passengers booking and ordering vehicles via Taxi/Limousine Service Companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The drivers are not employees of MyTaxi Saudia and MyTaxi Saudia is only facilitating the contact between the Passenger and the driver/taxi company.

The User Understands that acceptance of an Order to provide the Service by a driver or taxi company via the MyTaxi Saudia Booking System is an acknowledgement by the driver/taxi company to provide the service. The User acknowledges that he/she understand that he/she is dealing direct with the Taxi Driver/Taxi Company.

The user acknowledges and agrees that MyTaxi Saudia is not liable for any act or omissions committed by any Taxi Driver or Taxi Company in anyway or for any acts or incidence, which may occur during the course of the trip such as accidents, delays, or car discomfort etc.

The User would pay all Payment for Service direct to the Taxi Driver/Taxi Company and MyTaxi Saudia would not be charging any service fee from the User in the provisioning of this service. The service offered by MyTaxi Saudia to the User/Passenger is free of Charge.

Payment for the Taxi Service would be as per the Meter Charges for White Limousine. For Private Special Rental Cars it would be as per the List price of the Rental Car Company as displayed in the Price List. The User understands that the Special Rental Car prices may change from time to time without notice as per the decision of the Special Rental Car Company.

The User acknowledges that any price dispute, which may arise, needs to be resolved with the Rental Car Company. The User has the right to register any dispute with MyTaxi Saudia to enable it ensure that such disputes do not occur in the future.

MyTaxi Saudia uses the Public Internet and other communication facilities to provide the booking service. Hence, it can not guarantee that the system will be available always without any interruption and that it will be always error-free. Therefore, it will not be liable for any damages caused due to interruptions or non-availability of service or any error arising from communication, Location based services or disruptions of Internet.

User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MyTaxi Saudia and its representatives from any claims, suits, losses, liabilities, damages and expenses, arising from or due to the Use of the MyTaxi Booking service by the User.

The User will not hold MyTaxi Saudia liable for any delay, cancellations, or non-delivery of service by the Taxi Company/Driver. However, MyTaxi Saudia would take reasonable care to ensure that the Service offered is efficient and effective to the satisfaction of the Customer.

The User has the right to complain about any driver or Taxi Company and MyTaxi Saudia would take reasonable care to investigate such complaints and blacklist the Taxi Driver or Company in the event the complaint found valid.

The User agrees not to abuse the service by requesting a taxi without the intention of using it. If a problem arises during the use of the service, users shall, in good faith, attempt to solve the problem with the help of the taxi driver and MyTaxi customer service. ) The User agrees to use the service in a way that will not causes damage to MyTaxi Saudia or any of its partners.

MyTaxi Saudia reserves the right to block any user should it suspect that the user is attempting to abuse the service or mislead taxi drivers, MyTaxi employees, partner taxi companies or other users. These actions include, but are not limited to: non-payment for the taxi service, violence, requesting taxis without the intention to board them, and constantly cancelling requests before the taxi arrives.

MyTaxi Saudia may change this Terms of Use any time. The changes will come into force automatically on the date of the publication of the new version on the Website.